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Karlsburger Foods Ditches Outdated Tanks, Chooses the Latest in Water Heating Tech.

Contractor Spotlight: RJ Mechanical

Karlsburger Foods, Inc. in Monticello, Minnesota has embraced the iQ501 and is charting a course toward a more efficient, sustainable future in their food manufacturing facility. By harnessing the power of intelligent technology, Karlsburger Foods is not only elevating its own operations but also setting a new standard for excellence in food manufacturing.

Image Courtesy of Karlsburger Foods, Inc.

Application Details:

The facility removed three tank water heaters. The boilers had become outdated and the facility wanted to opt for the latest water heating technology. With Intellihot’s truly commercial tankless water heaters, the facility can enjoy on-demand efficiency with reliable performance and a reduction in maintenance needs. 

Photo Courtesy: Paul Johnson, PMSI Reps

Installation Details:

Contractor, RJ Mechanical worked with Intellihot’s representative firm, Process & Mechanical Systems Inc. (PMSI Reps) to handle the facility’s water heater replacement needs. Intellihot’s lightning-fast lead times ensured timely completion of the project so that the facility could resume its water heating operations without any delays. 

An Intellihot iQ1501 floor-standing unit was installed along with two of our wall-hung units to handle all the hot water needs for this manufacturing facility. 

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About the iQ501:

With an enormous output of over 1.5 million BTUs/hr., the iQ1501 is a heavy-duty henchman for large commercial applications. Housing multiple self-operating heat exchangers in a compact build, the tankless water heater offers revolutionary redundancy. An industry-leading turndown ratio (50:1) reduces gas bills by up to 40% for zero compromise between space, efficiency, and performance.