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Revolutionizing Rowe Apartments For a Clean Future With Customer-Centric Teamwork

Contractor Spotlight: Rick's Plumbing

It takes two flints to make a fire. When Rowe apartments in New Haven, CT decided to go tankless, they had seemingly complicated concerns related to venting. Given their existing hot water system’s design complexity, they were prepared for a seemingly complicated solution… 

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Dedicated experts from Dan Davis Sales, and Rick’s Plumbing had other ideas. Proactively, they made a site visit to understand the concerns in detail. Leveraging their experience, they prepared an actionable plan to ensure a clean and simple installation. 

Installation Details:

The team needed to replace two storage tanks with a tankless system that could provide hot water efficiently to multiple apartments. Since their existing hot water system had a complicated design, the apartment property was concerned with proper venting. 

Photo Courtesy: Jeff Slattery (LinkedIn)

Two iQ751 floor-standing tankless units were chosen. Delivering a combined heating output of over 1.5 million BTUs/hr., the units feature smart common venting capabilities. The team was able to utilize this feature to implement a clean and simple design, as pictured above. 

Thanks to a professionally clean installation, the building management team at Rowe apartments are able to operate and maintain their hot water system with ease. With serviceable parts’ life tracking available on their mobile phones via the telliCare app, efficiency never felt so easy. 

About Rick's Plumbing:

Founded in 1992 , Rick’s Plumbing has grown into a team of certified plumbers and skilled apprentices.  At Rick’s Plumbing, customer satisfaction is the number one priority. That is why they listen and share ideas to ensure that each customer receives the best possible plumbing and heating services, while staying within their budget.

About Dan Davis Sales:

Dan Davis Sales is a third generation family business and has been committed to service for over 45 years. They represent products for the plumbing, heating and renewable energy market. Working directly with manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors in a professional team environment, they have presence in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

About the iQ751:

With an enormous output of 751,000 BTUs/hr., the iQ751 is a heavy-duty henchman for large commercial applications. Housing multiple self-operating heat exchangers in a compact build, the tankless water heater offers revolutionary redundancy. An industry-leading turndown ratio (25:1) reduces gas bills by up to 40% for zero compromise between space, efficiency, and performance.