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Contractor Spotlight: Neivel Precision Plumbing & Mechanical

Two Tankless Water Heaters for 75 apartments. 

Property Details:

A new multifamily property is being constructed in Syracuse, NY on 111-113 E. Onondaga St. The property will replace the former Hotel Syracuse, which has been out of operation for 18 years. 

Installation Details:

Neivel Precision & Mechanical LLC helped the new multi-family project fire up over 1.5 million BTUs/hr. with just two Intellihot iQ751s. Delivering endless hot water to over 75 units, the iQ751s help the new property save space for other functions, reduce their projected gas bills, and decrease their project costs with an integrated system.

Photo Credits: Erica Levasseur LinkedIn

About Neivel Precision & Mechanical LLC

Neivel Precision & Mechanical LLC provides exceptional contractor services for various kinds of projects. They are located in East Syracuse, NY. Their contact information can be found here. 

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