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100-Year Old Building Replaces 100-Year Old Technology.

Contractor Spotlight: Mechanical Man Inc.

The Hattle apartments in Goshen, IN. is a 100-year old building that decided to finally eliminate its tank-type water heaters (a 100-year-old technology) with Intellihot’s efficient tankless setup. 

Near the center of downtown Goshen, the Hattle Hotel Building had provided travelers and workers a place to stay for over 100 years. With the help of Historic Preservation Tax Credit dollars, LaCasa of Goshen, wanted to renovate the building into twelve fully appointed apartment units for low-income residents.

While the existing water heaters themselves were not 100 years old, the technology of tank type water heating is.

This much needed replacement opted for the sleek profile and technologically advanced features of the Intellihot iN199 drop in replacement unit. With like for like connection points, swapping out these old tanks was a breeze for installing contractor, Mechanical Man. 

Application Details:

One of the buildings’ current water heaters was inoperable. Some of the stipulations that LaCasa requested were the same capacity, same or better performance and if possible smaller form as their maintenance for the building complained about the space in and around water heaters was very restrictive. 

Two iN199 units were chosen to replace two AO Smith Cyclone units. Thus eliminating the need to store any water, and only using energy when water is needed. Ease of installation, energy cost reduction, and LTE connectivity are some of the benefits and features for which the iN199 was selected for this retrofit. 

Installation Details:

Contactor, Mechanical Man Inc. worked with Intellihot’s representative firm, Top Marketing to deliver exceptional service for this project. The iN199’s lightning-fast lead times helped deliver the units to the site quickly. 

Mechanical Man Inc.’s talented team had no issues installing the Neuron units, partly thanks to their ease of installation features. “The customer liked the smaller form and the efficiency but were also excited about the ease of maintenance.

“The weight made a huge difference with the installers as they had to wrestle the BTHs out of place and up the stairs. Tech Support was excellent too – very easy to get ahold of and super helpful with questions our plumbers had,” said Tony Jamora from Mechanical Man, Inc.

About Mechanical Man Inc.:

Mechanical Man Inc. has been an established company that provides high quality services in Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Cooling services to multiple regions in Indiana. They pride themselves on providing reliable servers to their customers, thanks to a talented team of dedicated professionals. 

About TOP Marketing:

TOP Marketing is an aggressive and energetic sales agency representing premier Plumbing and HVAC products in the state of Indiana. They strive everyday to be the dominant force in Indiana with each of the plumbing and HVAC products they represent, partnering with only the best in the industry.

About the iN199:

Drop-in ready, the Neuron iN199 packs the energy-saving benefits of tankless units in a reliable design that installs quickly. With the same connections as a traditional boiler for quick startups, and no tank to maintain, the Neuron Series drops in like a breeze. 

The iN199 delivers a maximum heating output of 199,950 BTUs/hr.