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Contractor Spotlight: McCain Sales

Over 1000 daily Hot Water Users. One Tankless Water Heater. 

McCain Sales helped Bay County Jail in Panama  City, Florida replace its inefficient tank-style water heating system with just one Intellihot iQ1501 tankless unit. Delivering 1,501,000 BTUs/hr., the Intellihot unit was able to provide unmatched performance with unbelievable space savings as seen below. 

The installation was done in-house with assistance from the maintenance staff at Bay County Jail. Intellihot’s maintenance-free systems provide Bay County Jail with peace of mind since they can avoid frequent downtime and maintenance requests (which require a lot of legal permissions due to the property being a correctional facility).

About McCain Sales

McCain Sales Company was founded in 1982 by Clyde McCain and is located in Birmingham, Alabama. McCain Sales serves Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Florida Pan-Handle, including Tallahassee. Their sales associates have spent most of their professional careers in management, sales and administration in wholesale distribution.

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