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Contractor Spotlight: HOOPER

Rothschild Food Plant Needs Only One Unit For Two Shifts.

Contractor Spotlight: HOOPER

Defying convention, this food plant in Rothschild, WI installs a single water heater for two distinct purposes, as a part of its facility renovation project for employee welfare and food safety. 

A major food plant in Rothschild, WI renovated its facility to improve employee welfare and food safety. They needed a dependable water heating system for two different purposes, at different times of the day. 

This is where First Supply LLC , HOOPER Corp., and Process & Mechanical Systems Inc. jumped in with an innovative dual-purpose solution. 

Application Details:

One iN501 Neuron was selected for this project. The unit serves two distinct purposes: 

  • During factory hours, it serves 5 showers, 10 faucets and a laundry room kitchen. 
  • After hours, the iN501 provides Endless Hot Water for the 3 washdown stations on the factory floor.

Installation Details:

First Supply LLC supplied the unit for the installation. With the Neuron Series’ lightning-fast lead times, the delivery was seamless. 

Photo Courtesy: Brian Goglia (LinkedIn)

First Supply LLC supplied the unit for the installation. With the Neuron Series’ lightning-fast lead times, the delivery was seamless. 

The unit was installed by HOOPER. With piping connections in the same locations as a traditional boiler, the iN501 reduced installation time by half. 

Intellihot’s rep, Process & Mechanical Systems, Inc. conducted a valuable training session along with the unit’s start up procedure to ensure smooth operation. The facility’s professionals were impressed with the Neuron’s ability to monitor its performance real-time via the telliCare app. 

Photo Courtesy: Brian Goglia (LinkedIn)

About First Supply:

First Supply® is a leading main channel distributor providing industrial customers and building contractors with an extensive line of products and services. First Supply features manufacturer product lines in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, builder, waterworks, pump, well, septic, industrial and municipal markets.


Hooper Corporation is a full-service electric power and mechanical contractor. Headquartered in Madison, WI., since 1913, Hooper has extensive experience in completing large and complex projects and is capable of traveling throughout the continental U.S. and Canada. They are dedicated to meeting customer needs and making their vision a reality. 

About Process & Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Process & Mechanical Systems Inc. is a Wisconsin-based manufacturers’ representative specializing in plumbing, hydronic, and fluid handling applications. Their year-round goal is our goal is to approach the market with an aggressive and enthusiastic sales force that is professional, reliable, accountable, knowledgeable and service oriented.

About the iN501:

The iN501 is our Guaranteed Replacement Product. It replaces comparable tank-type units with ease. Achieve 500,000 BTUs/hr. at 96% thermal efficiency with a turndown ratio of 16.7:1., the Neuron can effortlessly cascade up to 4 units easily with common venting for a combined output of 2 million BTUs/hr. Masterless cascading ensures zero downtime from single-point failures.