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Emergency Meets Reliable Efficiency at Lincoln County Emergency Services

Lincoln County Emergency Services

Emergency Meets Reliable Efficiency.

Contractor Spotlight: Hickory Plumbing and Heating

A brand new Lincoln County Emergency Services Center had no qualms picking a water heating manufacturer it could trust for its critical operations.  

Lincoln County Emergency Services

Photo Courtesy: Isiah Oxford (LinkedIn)

When one constructs an emergency services center, trust and reliability are key. Life-threatening situations cannot wait, not even for lack of hot water.

When Lincoln County was designing its new Emergency Services Center in Lincolnton, NC., they needed a commercial water heating system that they could rely on blindly. Too smart to fail, Intellihot’s technology was an easy choice. 

Application Details:

The Lincoln County Emergency Services Center in Lincolnton, NC. houses three Emergency Services Departments: Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, and the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Three Intellihot iN401 Neuron units deliver Endless Hot Water for a variety of needs at the Lincoln County Emergency Services Center. Working in conjunction with a variety of other HVAC systems, the units ensure uninterrupted operation with their in-unit redundancy. 

Photo Courtesy: Isiah Oxford (LinkedIn)

The units were installed by the team at Hickory Plumbing and Heating Co. without any complications. The contractors were also involved in installing other built environment systems for the new facility.

About the iN401:

Drop-in ready, the Neuron iN401 packs the energy-saving benefits of tankless units in a reliable design that installs quickly. With the same connections as a traditional boiler for quick startups, and no tank to maintain, the Neuron Series drops in like a breeze.

Featuring in-unit redundancy as well as the the ability to cascade in a masterless fashion, the iN401 Neuron units are simply too smart to fail. 

About Hickory Plumbing and Heating Co.

Founded in 1929, the family-owned business, Hickory Plumbing & Heating Co. have been involved in countless construction projects. With a team of dedicated employees, they proudly deliver an unmatched experience for all of their customers. 

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"We are very happy with our Intellihot hot water system. Over the past six months, the hotel has had 65% gas savings plus uninterrupted hot water."