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Elevating Comfort and Efficiency: Intellihot's iN199 Installation at PaDDS Senior Apartments

Contractor Spotlight: FOX Plumbing

This week we shine a spotlight on the successful installation of an iN199 unit at PaDDS senior apartments in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. This groundbreaking project, spearheaded by Fox Plumbing and supported by Bobby Sthokal from First Supply LLC – Oak Creek, marks a new era of comfort and efficiency for the residents. 

At Intellihot, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions for hot water needs, and the installation at PaDDS senior apartments was no exception. Fox Plumbing, known for their proficiency and reliability, flawlessly executed the installation process. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, their team ensured every aspect was meticulously handled.

Intellihot’s innovative technology was seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure of PaDDS senior apartments, providing residents with efficient and reliable hot water solutions. Our systems are designed to optimize energy usage, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall performance, making them the ideal choice for modern living spaces.

Application Details:

Two iN199 Neuron were selected for this project. The units serves two distinct purposes: 

  • Energy Efficiency: Intellihot systems are designed to minimize energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings for property owners while reducing environmental impact.

  • Reliability: With industry-leading reliability and performance, Intellihot systems provide residents with consistent access to hot water, ensuring their comfort and convenience.

  • Space-saving Design: Our compact and modular designs optimize space utilization, making them ideal for various installation settings, including multi-family residences like PaDDS senior apartments.

Installation Details:

First Supply LLC supplied the unit for the installation. With the Neuron Series’ lightning-fast lead times, the delivery was seamless. 

Photo Courtesy: Brian Goglia (LinkedIn)

First Supply LLC supplied the unit for the installation. With the Neuron Series’ lightning-fast lead times, the delivery was seamless. 

The unit was installed by HOOPER. With piping connections in the same locations as a traditional boiler, the iN501 reduced installation time by half. 

Intellihot’s rep, Process & Mechanical Systems, Inc. conducted a valuable training session along with the unit’s start up procedure to ensure smooth operation. The facility’s professionals were impressed with the Neuron’s ability to monitor its performance real-time via the telliCare app. 

About First Supply:

First Supply® is a leading main channel distributor providing industrial customers and building contractors with an extensive line of products and services. First Supply features manufacturer product lines in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, builder, waterworks, pump, well, septic, industrial and municipal markets.

About Fox Plumbing & Water Care

Fox Plumbing and Water Care is a 3rd generation family owned company, based in Burlington, WI offering small commercial and custom residential plumbing and water treatment services.

About the iN199:

The iN199 is our Guaranteed Replacement Product. The Guaranteed Replacement Product offers tank-type units that promise to replace comparable models. It boasts prodigious performance, delivering 199,950 BTUs/hr. at 98% thermal efficiency with a turndown ratio of 7:1. Lightning-fast lead times ensure immediate replacement without month-long delays. The Neuron series units feature a design that mimics traditional tank piping connections, cutting installation time by 50% and making operation and maintenance easier due to their familiar design. They can be cascaded easily, with up to 4 units integrating seamlessly with common venting for a combined output of 799,800 BTUs/hr. Masterless cascading ensures zero downtime from single-point failures. Next-gen connectivity enables remote monitoring via the telliCare app using Direct Cell-LTE connectivity, providing access to operational data like energy usage and flow rates, as well as monitoring serviceable parts’ life to schedule maintenance in advance. Additionally, the units are lightweight at 266 lbs., making transportation easy without heavy machinery, and they can fit through standard elevator doors.