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Contractor Spotlight: Cullen Mechanical

Let's Roll and Get This Place Hot with Intellihot!

Navigating a manic-Monday was a breeze for the Cullen Mechanical squad. Working with the prowess of two iQ Series Floor Standing Models helped.

The exceptional team featured our Regional Sales Manager, Erica Levasseur, and Jeff Slattery from Dan Davis Sales, each lending their professional experience to get the job done smoothly.

Our iQ Series floor-standing units redefine industry standards by delivering unmatched capacity without the need for storage tanks. Tailored for heavy-duty commercial applications, these high-input units cut capital costs by up to 50% and operational expenses by 40%, compared to conventional tank-type systems.

Cheers to Mondays that roll, teams that rock, and tankless water heaters that never disappoint. 

Photos Courtesy @buddytheplumber on Instagram

About Cullen Mechanical

Cullen Mechanical Inc is a factory authorized service, install and startup company.  They are a commercial based mechanical company specializing in heat and cooling plants, roof top equipment and energy recovery systems. 

Photos Courtesy @buddytheplumber on Instagram