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Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters

An increase in demand for Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters in industrial sectors drives the growth of the electric water heater market. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global electric water heater market generated $23.2 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $40.1 billion by 2030, witnessing a CAGR of 5.6% from 2021 to 2030. The report analyzes changing market dynamics, top segments, value chain, critical investment pockets, regional scenario, and competitive landscape.

Commercial Electric vs Gas Water Heaters

The type of commercial water heater that you need for your business will be determined by a wide range of factors including cost efficiency and environmental impact. There are differences between commercial electric hot water heaters and gas hot water heaters that should be considered before you commit to one type of unit for your business. But the pros of both types of commercial water heaters far outweigh the cons, so it really boils down to preference and needs.

Commercial Gas Water Heaters

Commercial gas water heaters come in a wide range of sizes and are often larger than their electric counterparts. There are also limitations on where gas water heaters can be placed due to the requirements of their installation. Commercial gas water heaters require ventilation and have pipes that need access to the outdoors. But, unlike commercial electric water heater tankless, these types of water heaters can operate during a power outage. This can be an advantage if your business operates in an area that experiences frequent power outages due to weather events or other circumstances.
Commercial gas water heaters tend to have a higher upfront cost, but they cost less monthly than a commercial electric water heater. These units do however require more maintenance than electric because the gas line needs to be regularly checked for issues.

Commercial Electric Water Heaters

Businesses have more freedom of placement when they choose to use a commercial electric water heater because they do not require a gas line connection. They are also typically smaller than their gas counterparts. Commercial electric hot water heaters are safer and require less maintenance than gas because there is no risk of gas leaking from these units. But, these units do require electricity and will not operate during power outages. Electricity is also typically more expensive per-month than gas.
Commercial electric tankless water heaters can be run on alternative energy sources while gas can only be run on gas. So if you have environmental concerns, electric water heaters offer some alternatives.

Commercial Hybrid Water Heater

There is another water heater option, called a commercial hybrid water heater, that uses a heat pump to capture heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to water in an enclosed tank. During times of high hot water demand, the commercial hybrid water heater will also heat water using electricity. This type of commercial electric water heater is cost-effective because it uses less energy to heat the water while also cooling and dehumidifying the space around it.
Do electric water heaters use a lot of electricity?
Yes, but it depends on a number of factors including:
  • Age of your commercial electric water heater
  • Size
  • Type of electric water heater
  • Set temperature
  • Volume of water used each day
The more efficient your commercial electric water heater, the less it will cost your business to run.
Are electric water heaters cheaper than gas?
Some commercial electric water heaters can be less expensive upfront and can require less maintenance than gas, but they do carry a higher monthly cost due to the cost of electricity. This is why it is so important to purchase a commercial electric tankless water heater that is well manufactured and designed with cost-efficiency in mind.
Are tankless water heaters good for commercial use?
Tankless water heaters work just as well as tank for heavy-use commercial facilities. But they also provide increased efficiency, energy savings, reduced bacteria, and cost-reductions that are not provided by tank options.
How do you size a commercial water heater?
The best way to size a commercial electric water heater is to work with knowledgeable commercial water heater professionals to determine the hot water needs of your business in order to find the best commercial electric water heater unit for you. You can also use a well known and guarantee backed Sizing Calculator

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