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Extended Stay Hotel Property Projected to Save Over $31K With Tankless Water Heaters.

A 377-room extended stay hotel property in Columbus, Ohio is projected to save $31,099 per year with commercial tankless water heaters.

By simply swapping their tank-style water heaters with Intellihot’s truly commercial tankless products, a 377-room extended stay hotel is projected to save $31,099 each year. 

Shocked? With products purposefully designed for commercial work, there is a simple explanation behind such high projections: 


Hot water consumption is not as high as you think.

A truly commercial water heater manufacturer should tell you that a hotel does not need to provide hot water for all of its showers for the entire day. Yet, that’s exactly the faulty logic behind oversized boilers. 

We now have data that proves how hot water use in most hotels is sporadic. Using our vast database of hotels’ hot water consumption patterns, we found the following insights for properties similar to this extended stay property:

  • Hot water is consumed in low draws 71% of the time.
  • Hot water is consumed in medium draws 23% of the time.
  • Hot water is consumed in high draws only 5% of the time.
  • Hot water is consumed in peak draws only 1% of the time. 

Based on this analysis, we predicted that the condo complex will consume 33,587 gallons of hot water daily.

Water Heater Temperature Costs

Clarifying this faulty assumption is important because properties tend to oversize their facilities: installing and operating water heating systems with more heating output than necessary. This results in higher upfront and operational costs. 

On-demand reliability is where you save money.

Being aware of, and confident about this data is where most of the gas savings happen. With a storage system, energy is used all day with the faulty assumption that hot water equivalent to all the showers being on will be needed at all times. 

With Intellihot’s truly commercial tankless systems, your water heating system only consumes energy when hot water is needed. Moreover, it is sized confidently with data about hot water consumption patterns from other hotels. If our sized system cannot meet a property’s hot water demand, we pay for any additional equipment. 

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  • Discover the average hot water need for American hotels in 2023, broken down by the number of rooms.
  • Learn about your hotel’s busiest hot water consumption times through data-backed usage patterns.
  • Understand a simpler, and faster way to size your hotel confidently by using hot water consumption data from thousands of commercial properties.

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