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Big Changes via Small Actions

Small Actions Big Changes

Sri’s Blog Climate change may seem like too enormous a problem to tackle—but big problems can be solved if many people take small actions. This phenomenon is perfectly illustrated by a famous story about former American Airlines President and Chairman Robert Crandall. Looking for ways to save the airline money and fuel, Crandall decided to […]



Sri’s Blog We all live on this planet. From coast to coast, from Asia to Europe to Africa, we all share this environment, and we are all going to be affected by changes to it. The Covid pandemic made our interconnectedness even clearer. No matter where you were, no matter if you lived in a […]

Engineering’s Role in Water Efficiency, Health, and Safety

Sri’s Blog Anytime you transform energy, it has an impact on the environment. And yet, in general, the building construction industry lags far behind many other industries when it comes to emissions—even though buildings are the largest consumer of energy in the world, accounting for a third of global energy consumption and a quarter of […]

Driving Change Through Economics

Sri’s Blog The best way to address climate change is to start with economics. Private sector companies have tremendous influence in shaping and driving change, and while individual action can create big change, it’s even more effective in conjunction with innovations in the industrial and business worlds—which means we need businesses and industries to get […]

The Value Proposition

Sri’s Blog Intellihot has a unique and compelling value proposition: we cost half as much, cost less to own, occupy less space, save you money on energy costs, are more reliable, and won’t get people sick from unsafe water. That proposition isn’t just words; it is backed up with data and facts. It started with […]

Stay True To Yourself

Sri’s Blog By 2011, Intellihot had clearly demonstrated that our product was different than anything else on the market. This caught the attention of one of the country’s largest water heating manufacturers, who were not known for being particularly innovative. We started a dialogue with them which occupied the bulk of our time for an […]

How Hard Can It Be?

Sri’s Blog I think everyone would agree: taking on the task of designing an entirely new type of water heater and disrupting a century-old status quo (without any training or background in that field) is pure foolishness and bravery. And yet, that is exactly what Siva Akasam and I did when we set out to […]

Intellihot’s Ideal Water Heater

Sri’s Blog An ideal water heating system should be just like your car: it should be started when you are ready to go, not left idling overnight; and it should be reliable. It should start up in rain, sun, snow, or any inclement weather. And it should run on the fuel of any octane rating.Unfortunately, […]

The Power of Innovation

Sri’s Blog Entrepreneurship and innovation are wildly powerful. I believe they are our greatest forces for solving global problems. Entrepreneurs are the ones who solve the tough problems that no one else will solve—or even attempt to solve—because we are not afraid to disrupt the status quo by doing things differently and intentionally.For hundreds of […]

The Inventor, the Entrepreneur, and the CEO

Sri’s Blog Intellihot was officially founded in my basement in 2006. For the first few years, we were essentially a research and development company; our goal was simply to figure out how to make our concept work. In 2008, after many experiments—and a few explosions!—we finally had a working prototype, but it was far from […]