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Partner Spotlight: Ryan Company Inc

Intellihot’s truly-commercial tankless technology provides an efficient, healthy, and sustainable choice for reliable water heating at this senior living property.

Contractor Spotlight: RJ Mechanical

Karlsburger Foods, Inc. in Monticello, Minnesota, has embraced the iQ501 and is charting a course toward a more efficient, sustainable future in their food manufacturing facility.

Contractor Spotlight: Mechanical Man

100-Year Old Building Replaces 100-Year Old Technology. Contractor Spotlight: Mechanical Man Inc. The Hattle apartments in Goshen, IN. is a 100-year old building that decided to finally eliminate its tank-type water heaters (a 100-year-old technology) with Intellihot’s efficient tankless setup.  Near the center of downtown Goshen, the Hattle Hotel Building had provided travelers and workers […]

Contractor Spotlight: Fox Plumbing

Elevating Comfort and Efficiency: Intellihot’s iN199 Installation at PaDDS Senior Apartments Contractor Spotlight: FOX Plumbing This week we shine a spotlight on the successful installation of an iN199 unit at PaDDS senior apartments in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. This groundbreaking project, spearheaded by Fox Plumbing and supported by Bobby Sthokal from First Supply LLC – Oak Creek, marks […]

Emergency Meets Reliable Efficiency at Lincoln County Emergency Services

Lincoln County Emergency Services

Emergency Meets Reliable Efficiency. Contractor Spotlight: Hickory Plumbing and Heating A brand new Lincoln County Emergency Services Center had no qualms picking a water heating manufacturer it could trust for its critical operations.   Photo Courtesy: Isiah Oxford (LinkedIn) When one constructs an emergency services center, trust and reliability are key. Life-threatening situations cannot wait, not […]

Green Bay Packers Draft a Beast For Their Hot Water Needs

Green Bay Packers Draft a Beast For Their Hot Water Needs “This water heater is a beast and handles all the domestic hot water needs…with absolutely no issues.” Photo Courtesy: Brian Goglia (LinkedIn) The rumor mill is true: the Green Bay Packers have drafted an exciting addition to their roster. Intellihot’s iQ2001 serves as the […]

Contractor Spotlight: HOOPER

Rothschild Food Plant Needs Only One Unit For Two Shifts. Contractor Spotlight: HOOPER Defying convention, this food plant in Rothschild, WI installs a single water heater for two distinct purposes, as a part of its facility renovation project for employee welfare and food safety.  A major food plant in Rothschild, WI renovated its facility to […]

Contractor Spotlight: Rick’s Plumbing

Revolutionizing Rowe Apartments For a Clean Future With Customer-Centric Teamwork Contractor Spotlight: Rick’s Plumbing It takes two flints to make a fire. When Rowe apartments in New Haven, CT decided to go tankless, they had seemingly complicated concerns related to venting. Given their existing hot water system’s design complexity, they were prepared for a seemingly […]