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These Contractors Can Confirm: Tankless Is Possible

These Contractors Can Confirm: Tankless Is Possible for Commercial Projects. If you’re resisting to choose tankless for commercial applications, you may be lagging behind your friendly competitors. Photo Courtesy: Erica Levasseur (LinkedIn) Resisting tankless water heaters may have been the smart choice when on-demand technology entered the North American market in the 1990s. In the 90s, […]

5 Signs Its Time to Switch to Intellihot Commercial Tankless Water Heater

5 signs its time to switch to intellihot commercial tankless water-heaters

5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Water Heating System With Intellihot Commercial Tankless With examples from real commercial properties, here are 5 signs you should replace your existing water heating system with Intellihot’s commercial tankless water heater.  You don’t need to wait for a complete water heating system failure at your commercial property. Replacing […]

What One Can Learn From Empire Building Challenge

New York City’s biggest skyscrapers are scrambling for innovative solutions amidst their toughest challenge Amidst plans to phase out natural gas in commercial buildings, some of New York’s largest buildings are demonstrating successful roadmaps to achieve decarbonization profitably.  In case you haven’t heard, New York City’s biggest skyscrapers have been scrambling for their toughest challenge: […]