Big Changes via Small Actions

Small Actions Big Changes

Sri’s Blog Climate change may seem like too enormous a problem to tackle—but big problems can be solved if many people take small actions. This phenomenon is perfectly illustrated by a famous story about former American Airlines President and Chairman Robert Crandall. Looking for ways to save the airline money and fuel, Crandall decided to […]

3 Strategies to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Buildings

3 Easy Strategies to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Commercial Buildings Reducing your building’s carbon footprint can have several advantages beyond sustainability. If you wish to seek a LEED certification, one advantage is that LEED-certified buildings tend to be more profitable. Moreover, some carbon footprint reduction strategies have a directly positive impact on occupant health and […]

Tankless Buyers Guide

Everything you need to know about tankless water heaters before making a purchasing decision.



Sri’s Blog We all live on this planet. From coast to coast, from Asia to Europe to Africa, we all share this environment, and we are all going to be affected by changes to it. The Covid pandemic made our interconnectedness even clearer. No matter where you were, no matter if you lived in a […]

The Truth About High Efficiency Water Heaters

The Truth About a High Efficiency Water Heater Thermal Efficiency vs Operational Efficiency Watch a Video of This Explanation Try Our Fuel Savings Calculator Are you considering a high efficiency water heater for your property? Then your head must be swarming with efficiency percentages. In reality, these “thermal efficiency” percentages do not matter as much […]