4 Smart Water Heater Features That Actually Matter

4 Smart Water Heater Features That Actually Matter You must have come across “smart” water heaters in your attempt to select the best product. Usually costing more than traditional water heaters, smart water heaters promise incredible value by using the latest technologies. So, which of these smart water heater features actually matter? Below are the […]

Engineering’s Role in Water Efficiency, Health, and Safety

Sri’s Blog Anytime you transform energy, it has an impact on the environment. And yet, in general, the building construction industry lags far behind many other industries when it comes to emissions—even though buildings are the largest consumer of energy in the world, accounting for a third of global energy consumption and a quarter of […]

Guide to Tankless Water Heater Sizing for Businesses

Tankless Water Heater Sizing Formula

Guide to Tankless Water Heater Sizing For Businesses Tankless water heater sizing for businesses does not need to be a complicated or ambiguous procedure. Even for those without an engineering background. In this tankless water heater sizing guide, we will summarize the traditional tankless water heater sizing methodology. We will present the formula and break […]

Contractor Spotlight: Granite State Plumbing iQ251D

Intellihot has a tankless solution for every commercial need – from compact & powerful wall-hung water heaters, to heavy-duty, modular floor-standing units. This cancer diagnostic laboratory in Portsmouth, NH was able to get deionized hot water with a powerful tankless system, thanks to our iQ251D units.  With this installation, the facility was able to heat […]

Infographic: Types of Tankless Water Heaters

The infographic below breaks down some of the most common types of commercial tankless water heaters. However, there are many more factors to consider before making the final purchase decision. Download our free buyer’s guide below to access all of that information in a single document.  Commercial Tankless Water Heaters Buyers Guide Everything You Need […]



Types of Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

Types of Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

The Different Types of Commercial Tankless Water Heaters Infographic Water heaters are far more diverse than you might think. They come in a variety of different types and form factors, based on their mode of operation and other technological components. In this article, we will briefly cover the different types of commercial tankless water heaters. […]

How Are Commercial Tankless Water Heaters Different From Residential?

Differences Between Commercial Tankless Water Heaters and Residential Water Heaters If you own or manage a commercial facility like a hotel or multifamily property, you know that you can go for a singular water heating system for the entire facility, or individual water heaters for each unit. If you have decided to go for a […]