Contractor Spotlight: Limbach

More hotel owners are finally making the switch to tankless water heating each passing day. With Intellihot’s Neuron Series, switching to commercial tankless is now even easier! All of our Neuron units, including the 399,999 BTU iN401 and 499,999 BTU iN501 (installed in this hotel, pictured below) are drop-in ready solutions. These units are designed […]

Contractor Spotlight: Ferguson

Out with company “A”, in with Intellihot. Each of these iQ1001 heaters have multiple heat exchangers and individual controls for additional redundancy and reduced downtime. They have 33:1 turndown and best of all, do not require storage tanks!

Contractor Spotlight: Clifford Air

When their water heater failed on Wednesday night at a hotel in Meredith, NH, Clifford Air was right there to pick up the phone and call F.W. Webb Company and their Intellihot Territory Manager, Erica Levasseur.