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AHR 2023 Walk n Talk With Plumbing and HVAC Magazine ft. Sri

AHR Walk and Talk

Atlanta, GA., February 6, 2023: “As a company, we believe in energy efficiency and also the health and safety of the hot water that we produce. And this product (The Electron Series) delivers on both,” says Intellihot Founder and CEO, Sridhar Deivasigamani to Plumbing and HVAC Magazine host, Michael Ridler. During the premiere HVAC trade show – the AHR Expo 2023, the two “HVAC nerds” can be seen discussing Intellihot’s products and how they solve some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.


Having received an overwhelmingly positive response, the Electron Series of products can be seen in full display in this video. “Everything we design, we like it to not only look good, but also have state-of-the-art performance,” Sri explains along with providing an interesting take on the thought-process behind inventing the engineering marvels. In a span of roughly 13 minutes, Riddler and Sri can be observed covering the Electron iE1, Electron iE6, Electron iB3 as well as the Legionator.


Key Takeaways:

  1.  Today’s heat pumps have to make a choice between water heating efficiency and the production of healthy water. Intellihot went on a quest to provide both.
  2. The Electron Series’ battery is a water-glycol mix with a built-in glycol sensor to keep it at the right concentration.
  3. The Electron Series boasts of 400 times the water velocity of tank-style water heaters.
  4. Each Electron unit comes with a pre-determined amount of glycol that is customized based on the consumer’s geographical location. This takes away the responsibility of setting the correct glycol level from the hands of the on-field technician.
  5.  One iE6 with two thermal batteries can easily power an 80-100-room apartment complex.
  6. When you try to bring refrigeration technology to water heating, it places an undue burden on contractors. The Electron series is designed to be installed and maintained without the requirement of an HVAC license, thanks to its modular, plug-n-play setup.
  7. When it comes to the iB3 and the iE6, Intellihot designed the thermal battery and heat pump in two separate units to accommodate an optional solar attachment which can be installed in minutes.
  8. The water heating industry really needs a technology that can heat and disinfect water at the same time. This is where the Legionator comes in.
  9. The Legionator should go under every sink that is meant for public use to minimize the risk of Legionnaire’s disease and other pathogens.

How the Electron Series Works:

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