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Abigail Adams Middle School, Weymouth, MA

Intellihot Units Get An A+ In This Middle School

All the equipment in this middle school’s mechanical room was over 30 years old, and when they decided to design a new mechanical room, they selected
Intellihot’s tankless water heaters to meet all their hot water needs.




Property Details

1030 students

Product Installed

Two iQ751s
Zero storage

Installed Capacity

1,500,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


New England Combustion

Abigail Adams is a Middle School with 1030 students that was upgraded as the existing heating system was beyond it’s useful life. A top-rated school, Abigail Adams strives to provide the best in education, school amentiies, and extra-curricular activities to it’s 1030 students. The Abigail Adams Middle School had initiated a campus-wide School Improvement Plan in 2015. Replacing their old water heating system with Intellihot’s units was part of the planned improvements made to the school.

The Challenge

The 30-years old indirect water heaters that were supplying hot water to the school had an 800 gallon storage tank. The storage tank required the boilers to run all year round to supply hot water to the school. The system was beyond it’s useful life.

The Intellihot Solution

They selected two Intellihot iQ751 condensing water heaters, with zero gallons of storage to replace the old system. Intellihot’s two tankless floor standing water heaters now carry the load for the entire school building.

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