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95 State at City Creek – Salt Lake City, UT

95 State at City Creek Shows Off The Future of High-Rise Design: Environmentalism and Real Estate



Mixed-use, 27-floor, office-retail tower

Property Details

New Construction

Product Installed

(2) iQ1501

Installed Capacity

3,000,000 BTU/hr Zero Gallons storage


Intermountain Hydronic Specialties

“We have used Intellihot products on multiple projects over the years, from small and simple to large and complex. When dealing with projects that have large domestic hot water demands,it’s ideal to use Intellihot appliances for the sleek design, ease of installation, and a much smaller footprint than a traditional system.”

-Archer Mechanical Contractor

The Challenge

The engineers and architects wanted to take advantage of as much floor space as possible in this mixed-use tower.

No water storage means more area for high-value tenants. Every square foot counts in this premium real estate market.

The Intellihot Solution

(2) iQ1501’s were chosen for this project.Knowing the building design protects their tenants against Legionella infection and reduces their liability, the owners feel confident. Intellihot’s state-of-the-art innovations also yield drastic energy reduction and operational efficiencies that will allow the owners to flex their urban green credentials.

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