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20 Best Companies to Watch of 2021

Intellihot created indigenous smart and energy-efficient systems for our environment

Intellihot has been recognized as one of the 20 Best Companies to Watch of 2021 by The Executive Headlines.

Intellihot was founded in 2009 after a traditional water heater broke down and flooded the basement of the founder, Sridhar Deivasigamani. That’s where the journey began. Today, Intellihot designs, and creates tankless water for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Intellihot is the first company to do this entirely in the United States.  

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between The Executive Headlines and Sridhar Deivasigamani, CEO and Founder to know more about the company and services.

Tell us about your key operations in the market 

The progress started from the basement. We didn’t start out to create a better heater. As robotics engineers, we knew a worthy challenge when we saw it – one with the potential to change people’s lives and save tons of water and energy in the process. We’ve achieved success by focusing on systems the world has overlooked. 

Unlike traditional boilers that work 24/7/, the Intellihot system  heats the water on demand and keeps it flowing whenever and wherever people need it. This fantastic process of ours saves 40% of energy lost in traditional water heating methods. Therefore, supplying endless water, with zero waste. 

How many branches are there of Intellihot Inc.? 

We have an extensive rep network across the United States and Canada. 

What is the most important key to your success?

The most important key to our success is technology and innovation. Technology should definitely adapt to people, not the other way around. While our products are technologically advanced, the installation use, maintenance of our systems is very simple. Intellihot systems are extremely robust, each aspect is crafted and designed to be enjoyable, intuitive, surprisingly smart. 

What are the biggest challenges you faced?

Disrupting an industry  that had not seen significant change in 50 years or more. Some people can be mistrustful of technology and are uncomfortable with change. We wanted to bring excellent performance, reliability and ease of use to these antiquated systems. Our business belongs to a market that has led big established brands that speak to transactional business values.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation? 

The out dated system in America factories and buildings waste millions of gallons of water every year. We believe that’s nothing but money down the drain. Confronting the challenges related to energy and water shortage, we owe it to me upcoming generation to avoid this waste.

People like it when companies are involved in social welfare/CSR activities; what do you say about this? 

We have been active in several humanitarian projects, including: Mercy Home Orphanage, Thiruvannamalai, India; peoria Humane society, Bark in the Park; and St. Ann’s High School, Rajahmundry, India. 

Mercy Home Orphanage — Thiruvannamalai, India: Around 80+ children are housed in the Mercy Home Orphanage. Intellihot raised funds in 2015 to help Mercy Orphanage’s gas and electric bills for the entire year. Intellihot’s employees are currently sponsoring the 14 children at the Mercy Home Orphanage. 

Anns High School — Rajahmundry, India: Intellihot raised funds in 2016 to support the school’s initiative to provide clean water to the students.

Do you have any new products or services ready to be / getting ready launched?

We have two new services  this year. 

1. TelliBot water heater forecaster that allows you to plan for replacements before a hot water disaster. With the help of advanced intelligence and sensors, the product collects the data based on the temperatures, flow rates, firing rate, more to accurately predict the remaining useful life of your systems. 

2. Hot Water 365: Includes installing and maintaining our tankless water heating systems at a low monthly fee. With Hot Water 365, there are no repair charges, no emergencies, no large capital expenses. Only low energy costs and peace of mind.

Awards and achievements, if any? 

Intellihot has received several awards for its leading – edge technology, including:

. Acquisition International – Global excellence award Most Innovative Water Heaters Manufacturer 2021-USA.

 . American Inno – 20 Chicago Startups to watch in 2020 

. BUILD – Construction & Engineering Magazine – Most Innovative Provider of Commercial Hot Water Systems- North America (2021) 

. Built Worlds – Building Tech 50 lists 2018

. NASA Awards – Commercial License to Intellihot Inc 2018 

. Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine – Top 20 Products (2017) 

. Top 20 High- Growth Company in Illinois (2011) 

. Top 24 Companies Outside Silicon Valley (2010)

What are your messages for the younger generations? 

Be confident when attempting to change the way things have always been done. It might be quite tough, but you can succeed with teamwork and innovation.

The leader behind an innovation-driven company Sridhar Deivasigamani is the CEO/founder of Intellihot. 

Sridhar discovered his interest in tinkering with ham radios, amplifiers, model airplanes, and electrical wiring while he was growing up. Being gifted with a curious personality, he started looking after how things work. He began inventing new gizmos that finally developed into his passion for innovation. This drove him to get a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, in India, and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson University, in America. After completing his studies, he worked for several years in the robotics and marine engine field. Now, Sridhar has channeled his dedication to innovation and made Intellihot one of the leading industry thought leaders, developing 60+ awarded and pending patents and helping to move toward a waste – free future

“We are driving a quiet revolution in areas maximum people never think to look. Undertaking some of the planet’s most crucial challenges in waste reduction, we are stepping ahead towards creating a new world.”

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