Residential Water + Space (Combi) Heaters

Models i200X, i250X

We offer a whole new way to help your home function better and more efficiently: Enjoy endless hot water and heat your entire home with one of our innovative combination (“combi”) units. You get the unique advantages of our other residential water heaters, plus the added benefit of space heating, all from the same appliance. This means you can eliminate the need for bulky storage tanks or water heaters while also doing away with a traditional boiler. Brilliant!


Imagine getting hot water on demand—at the faucet, in the shower, whenever you want it. Consider how much happier you will be without the poor performance and potential leaks of a big water-heater tank. Envision warming every room in your home with the same appliance that heats your water. Marvel at the concept of living without a costly, inefficient boiler. Is all of this really possible? Absolutely. That’s why forward-thinking homeowners choose Intellihot combi heaters.

  • No need for a primary and secondary on heating loop
  • Provides up to 6.0 GPM at 77°F rise unlimited hot water and up to 130,000 Btu/h of space heat simultaneously (no three-way valve to fail)
  • No wait for hot water – built-in recirculation and high-tech water heating just like our other residential models (i200P and i250P)
  • Installs on a 1/2″ gas line up to 40 ft. for easy retrofit
  • No-guess install – self-learning, outdoor auto-reset for the most comfortable house and maximum savings
  • Features a built-in thermostat T/T input and a secondary pump output to simplify installation
  • Uses 2” or 3” venting (PVC, CPVC or Polypropylene)
  • Converts to LP without the need to change parts
  • ASME option