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residentialRun up to five showers and heat your home.
All with one appliance.

Intellihot’s Combi tankless water heaters provide endless hot water while maintaining a comfortable space temperature. In most combination boilers, hot water heating is an afterthought. Intellihot’s Combi models deliver a large quantity of hot water while simultaneously keeping your house comfortable. They elegantly combine domestic hot water and space heating with one unit, one gas line and one vent.

Most homeowners waste six months of their lives waiting on hot water. Not anymore. Intellihot’s Combi tankless water heaters deliver all the benefits of a 50-gallon tank water heater with only 1/100th the volume and none of the disadvantages. No tank. No leaks. No cleaning. And no more running cold water till you get to the hot. Just instant, endless hot water and consistent temperature control.

takes up 80% less space than a typical tank
98% combustion efficiency and ultra-low emissions

an industry-best 12-year warranty for the Combi


  • Never-ending – built-in pump for instant hot water at your faucets w/ optional cross-over valve
  • Self-learning – logs your usage and provides hot water to your faucets when you need it
  • Maintenance-free – heat exchanger continuously expands and contracts to prevent scale build-up
  • Commercial-grade – features a surgical stainless-steel heat exchanger for long life
  • Energy-saving – no need to keep water hot 24/7/365
  • Trouble-free – built to accommodate quick temperature changes and continual on-off cycles with minimal stress