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current-wall-hung-251Models i200, i250, i200P, i250P

Count on superior performance and reliability with the i200 and i250 hybrid tankless water heaters. Designed to be our commercial “workhorses,” these units are ideal for highly variable applications using potable hot water. Each is engineered with minimal components to maximize durability—even in the most demanding commercial applications. Installation of these models fits ideally where external recirculation pumps and/or storage tanks already exist or are to be installed. Providing 50,000 Btu/h more than the i200, the i250 can simultaneously heat 25% more water.

Did you know you can replace a tank-type, power-vented water heater with an Intellihot tankless model without changing the gas piping or existing plastic venting? Other manufacturers have to sell smaller Btu/h units to work on smaller gas lines, which means much less hot water. Not Intellihot. Our simple retrofits save time, save money and deliver all the hot water you need.


The i200P and i250P come with a built-in recirculation pump and eliminate any hot water delays or waste. This pump can be used with a dedicated recirculation line or any under-faucet crossover system. The “P” models also feature integrated tank loading. This is ideal for applications where a small amount of storage is needed to handle quick, short hot-water cycles.

  • 200,000 to 250,000 Btu/h for light commercial applications
  • Slashes capital cost up to 50%, reduces operational cost up to 30% (compared to traditional systems)
  • 98% condensing combustion efficiency (energy factor = .93)
  • Full modulation delivers maximum Btu/h input when needed and zero Btu/h the rest of the time
  • Always operates at set point – never drops in temperature
  • Operates on very low gas pressure down to 2.5″
  • Takes up 80% less space than a typical tank water heater
  • Industry’s best design, operation and efficiency when combined with storage
  • Accommodates 3” PVC exhaust venting up to 100 feet, or 2” PVC up to 26 feet
  • ASME option (iQ Series)
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Fast food
  • Large high end residential homes
Case Studies

Restaurants – Benihana